Delamere House Crewe

Delamere House
Delamere Street
CW1 2JZ 

Phone: 0300 123 5500

Opening Hours Public 08.45 - 17.00 (Mon - Fri)

Opening Hours Staff 07.00 - 19.00 (Mon-Fri) Closed Bank Holidays.

Map location

Delamere House Crewe

Guest Wi-Fi

If you have a meeting with our staff, guest Wi-Fi is available. Contact your meeting organiser at the council for details.

Bus and car parks

Delamere House is opposite Crewe Bus Station and there are two short stay car parks (max 2 hours), one either side of the building. A long stay car park (Gatefield Street) is 5 minutes walk away. Full list of car parks and tariffs

About Delamere House

Delamere house is the main office location for Cheshire East Staff based in Crewe. It is also the location of the Crewe Customer Service Centre.


Access to the building

Pedestrian access to Delamere House is via automatic doors on an extension to the left of the building (looking at it from Delamere Street). The entrance is wheel chair friendly and the reception is on the ground floor, lifts to the upper floors are available for people who need to use them. Access is available for staff and deliveries at the back of the building.

Page last reviewed: 12 May 2022