Tatton Constituency

Tatton Parliamentary constituency is across two local authority areas who count the votes cast in an election. The result for Tatton is declared by Cheshire East Council.

See the constituency boundaries on a map.

Past results

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2019 General Election - Tatton

Esther McVey (The Conservative Party Candidate) elected.

Parliamentary candidates and results (when known)
CandidateParty2019 Result
Hennerley, Nigel Robert green-party-icon Green party  2,088
McVey, Esther Conservative Icon The Conservative Party Candidate  28,277
Smith, Jonathan Paul Liberal Democrat Icon Liberal Democrat  7,712
Weinberg, James Martin Owain  Labour Labour Party  10,890

Turnout: 71.21%

Rejected Ballots: 179

Results for 2017 General Election

  • Esther Louise McVey (Conservative) elected.
Candidates for 2017 election
CandidateParty2017 Result
Abel, Quentin  Independent  920
Hennerley, Nigel Robert green-party-icon Green party  1,024
McVey, Esther Louise Conservative Icon Conservative  28,764 
Rushworth, Sam Labour Labour  13,977
Wilson, Gareth George Liberal Democrat Icon Liberal Democrat  4,431

Turnout: 72.52%

Rejected Ballots: 104

Results for 2015 General Election

  • George Osborne (Conservative) elected
Candidates for 2015 election
CandidateParty2015 Result
Hutton, Stuart Alex ukip-icon UK Independence Party  4,871
Osborne, George Conservative Icon Conservative  26,552 (e)
Pinto-Duschinsky, David Jonathan Labour Labour  8,311
Rothery, Tina Louise green-party-icon Green party  1,714
Wilson, Gareth George Liberal Democrat Icon Liberal Democrat  3,850

Turnout: 69.97%

Rejected Ballots: 185

Results for 2010 General Election

Candidates for 2010 election
CandidateParty2010 Result
Flannery, Sarah Catherine  Independent 2243
Gibson, Michael George  The True English (Poetry) Party 298
Jackson, Richard Adam Labour Labour 7803
Lomax, David William Liberal Democrat Icon Liberal Democrat 10,200
Osborne, George Conservative Icon Conservative 24,687

You can find out more more details of the Tatton Constituency Statement as to the situation of Polling Stations (PDF, 198KB).

Turnout: 69.01%
Rejected/spoilt: 86

Results - 2005 General Election

2005 Results
NamePartyVotes% Votes+/-%
George Osborne Conservative Icon Conservative 21,447 51.8 +3.7
Justin Madders Labour Labour 9,716 23.5 -3.8
Ainsley Arnold Liberal Democrat Icon Liberal Democrat 9,016 21.8 +3.2
Diane Bowler ukip-icon UK Independence Party 996 2.4 +0.5
Michael Gibson Independent Independent 239 0.6 +0.6

Turnout: 64.6%

Majority: 28.3%

Swing: 3.8% from Labour to Conservative

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