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Results for 2017 General Election

  • David Henry Rutley (Conservative) elected.
results from 2017 General Election
CandidateParty2017 Result
Booth, James Andrew green-party-icon Green Party  1,213
Flowers, Richard Dominic liberal democrat Liberal Democrats  3,350
Johnson, Mark Andrew Independent Independent  1,162
Puttick, Neil Francis Labour Labour Party  19,987
Rutley, David Henry Conservative Icon Conservative  28,595


Rejected Ballots: 137

Results for 2015 General Election

  • David Rutley (Conservative) elected
results from 2010 General Election
CandidateParty2015 Result
Christian, Neil Connan liberal democrat Liberal Democrats 3,842
Howard, Adrian Charles ukip-icon UK Independence Party (UKIP) 6,037
Plimmer, Joan green-party-icon Green Party 2,404
Roca, Tim Labour Labour Party 11,252
Rutley, David Henry Conservative Icon Conservative 26,063 (e)

Turnout: 69.51%

Rejected Ballots: 248

Previous Results for 2010 General Election

results from 2010 General Election
CandidateParty2010 Result
Barlow, Roger John liberal democrat Liberal Democrats 11,540
Heald, Dr Adrian Labour Labour Party 10,164
Knight, John Anthony green-party-icon Green Party 840
Murphy, Brendan Independent The Macclesfield Independent 2,590
Rutley, David Henry Conservative Icon Conservative 23,503
Smith, Jacqueline Mary ukip-icon UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,418

Turnout: 68.31%

Rejected/spoilt: 80

Previous results for 2005 General Election

previous results
NamePartyVotes% Votes+/- %
Nicholas Winterton Conservative Icon Conservative 22,628 49.6 +0.7
Stephen Carter Labour Labour Party 13,227 29.0 -4.1
Catherine O'Brien liberal democrat Liberal Democrats 8,918 19.5 +1.5
John Scott Independent Veritas 848 1.9 +1.9