Chester South and Eddisbury Constituency

Chester South and Eddisbury Parliamentary constituency is across two local authority areas. The boundary for the Eddisbury constituency changes for the 2024 election.

The election for Chester South and Eddisbury Parliamentary Constituency is administered by Cheshire West and Chester Council. They will publish the result.

See Cheshire West and Chester election webpage for more details.

See the constituency boundaries on a map.

Results of Eddisbury past elections

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Results for 2019 General Election

Parliamentary candidates and results (when known)
CandidateParty2019 result
Allen, Andrea Christabel ukip-icon UKIP 451
Jewkes, Louise Amber green-party-icon Green Party 1,191
Sandbach, Antoinette liberal democratLiberal Democrats 9,582
Savage, Terry Labour Labour Party  11,652
Timpson, Edward Conservative Icon The Conservative Party Candidate 30,095

Turnout: 71.9%

Rejected Ballots:

Results for 2017 General Election

Antoinette Geraldine Sandbach (Conservative) elected.

Results for 2010 General Election
CandidateParty2017 Result
Bickley, John Joseph ukip-icon UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,109
Green, Mark Richard green-party-icon Green Party 785
Hill, Morgan Robert  Pirate Party UK 179
Priestner, Ian Douglas liberal democrat Liberal Democrats 2,804
Reynolds, Cathy Labour Labour 17,250
Sandbach, Antoinette Geraldine Conservative Icon Conservative 29,192 

Turnout: 73.15%

Results for 2015 General Election

  • Anoinette Sandbach (Conservative) elected
Results for 2015 General Election
CandidateParty2015 Result
Antar, George  Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol  301
Garman, Andrew John green-party-icon Green Party  1,624
Laing, James Stewart Labour Labour  11,193
Millington, Rob ukip-icon UK Independence Party (UKIP)  5,778
Priestner, Ian Douglas liberal democrat Liberal Democrats  4,289
Sandbach, Antoinette Conservative Icon Conservative  24,167 (e)

Results for 2010 General Election

Results for 2010 General Election
CandidateParty2010 Result% Vote
Dodman, Charles William Henry ukip-icon UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,931  4.3 
Merrick, Pat Labour Labour 9,794   21.6
O'Brien, Stephen Rothwell Conservative Icon Conservative  23,472  51.7
Thompson, Bob liberal democrat Liberal Democrats  10,217  22.5

Turnout: 68.2% (+5% on 2005 election)

Spoiled / rejected: 109

Results of 2005 General Election

Previous Results
NamePartyVotes% Votes+/- %
Stephen O'Brien Conservative Icon Conservative 21,181 46.4 +0.1
Mark Green Labour Labour 14,986 32.8 -3.2
Jo Crotty liberal democrat Liberal Democrats 8,182 17.9 +2.2
Stephen Roxborough ukip-icon UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,325 2.9 +0.9

Turnout: 63.2%

Majority: 13.6%

Swing: 1.6% from Labour to Conservative

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