Crewe and Nantwich Constituency

Kieran John Mullan (The Conservative Party Candidate) elected.

2019 General Election - Crewe and Nantwich

Parliamentary candidates and results (when known)
CandidateParty2019 Result
Browne, Te Ata green-party-icon Green Party  975
Kinsman, Andrew John Libertarian Party  149
Mullan, Kieran John Conservative The Conservative Party Candidate  28,704
Smith, Laura Labour Labour Party  20,196
Theobald, Matthew Cameron liberal democrat Liberal Democrat  2,618
Wood, Matt Brexit Party  1,390

Turnout: 67.42%

Rejected Ballots: 123

Results for 2017 General Election

  • Laura Smith (Labour) elected.
Results for 2010 General Election
CandidateParty2017 Result
Crowther, David liberal democrat Liberal Democrat 1,334
Smith, Laura Labour Labour 25,928
Stanley, Michael Frank independent/UKIP UKIP 1,885
Timpson, Edward Conservative Conservative 25,880

Turnout: 69.9%

Rejected Ballots: 101

Results for 2015 General Election

  • Edward Timpson (Conservative) elected
Results for 2010 General Election
CandidateParty2015 Result
Heald, Adrian Hugh Labour Labour 18,825 
Lee, Richard Alan independent/UKIP UKIP 7,252
Timpson, Edward Conservative Conservative 22,445 (e)
Wood, Roy John liberal democrat Liberal Democrat 1,374

Turnout: 67.56%

Rejected Ballots: 213 

Previous Results for 2010 General Election

Results for 2010 General Election
CandidateParty2010Result% Vote
Clutton, James Raymond Independent UK Independence Party 1,414 2.8
Parsons, Mike Independent Independent 177 0.3
Timpson, Anthony Edward Conservative Icon Conservative 23,420 45.8
Williams, David Andrew Labour Icon Labour 17,374 34.0
Williams,Phillip Independent British National Party 1,043 2.0
Wood, Roy John Liberal Democrat Icon Liberal Democrat 7,656 15.0

Turnout: 66% (+6% on 2005 Result)
Rejected Ballots: 49

You can find out more more details of the Crewe and Nantwich Constituency Statement as to the situation of Polling Stations (PDF, 230KB).

Previous Results - 2008 By-Election

These results are for the 2008 by-election which was held due to the death of the previous MP Gwyneth Dunwoody who represented the Labour Party.

Previous Results - 2008 By-Election
Edward Timpson Conservative Icon Conservative 20,539 49.21
Tamsin Dunwoody Labour Icon Labour 12,679 30.50
Elizabeth Shenton Liberal Democrat Icon Liberal Democrat 6,040 14.53
Mike Natrass Independent UK Independence Party 922 2.22
Robert Smith Independent Green Party 359 0.86
David Roberts Independent English Democrats 275 0.66
Nick Delves Independent Monster Raving Looney Party 236 0.57
Mark Walklate   217 0.52
Paul Thorogood Independent CTOPAD 118 0.28
Gemma Garret   113 0.27

Turnout: 60.0%

Majority: 16.3%

Swing: 3.8% from Labour to Conservative.


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