Congleton Constituency

 Election 4 July 2024

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Past results

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Results for 2019 General Election

Fiona Claire Bruce (The Conservative and Unionist Party) elected.

Parliamentary candidates and results (when known)
CandidateParty2019 Result
Bruce, Fiona Claire Conservative Conservative and Unionist Party  33,747
Dale, Jo Labour Labour Party  15,186
Duffy, Paul Michael liberal democrat Liberal Democrats  6,026
McCarthy, Richard Giles green-party-icon Green Party  1,616
Smith, Jane Catherine Animal Welfare Party - People, Animals, Environment  658

Turnout:  %

Rejected Ballots: 193

Results for 2015 General Election

  • Fiona Bruce (Conservative) elected
Results for 2015 General Election
CandidateParty2015 Result
Bruce, Fiona Claire Conservative Conservative 27,164 (e)
Heath, Alec green-party-icon Green Party 1,876
Hirst, Peter John liberal democrat Liberal Democrat 4,623
Price, Darren Anthony Labour Labour 10,391
Slaughter, Lee William ukip-icon UK Independence Party 6,922

Turnout: 70.54%

Rejected Ballots: 166

Results for 2010 General Election

Previous Results in Congleton
Fiona Bruce Conservative Conservative 23,250
David Bryant Labour Labour 8,747
John Edwards  Independent 276
John Hirst liberal democrat Liberal Democrat 16,187
Parton, Adam Robert  Independent 79
Rothwell, Paul    94
Slaughter, Lee William independant UK Independence Party 2,147

Turnout: 69% (+4.8% on 2005 election)

Results for 2005 General Election

Previous Results
NamePartyVotes% Votes+/- %
Ann Winterton Conservative Conservative 21,189 45.4 -0.9
Nicholas Milton Labour Labour 12,943 27.7 -2.8
Eleanor Kay liberal democrat Liberal Democrat 12,550 26.9 +5.3

Turnout: 64.2%

Majority: 17.7%

Swing: 0.9% from Labour to Conservative

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