Macclesfield Town Council - Tytherington Ward 2023 Election Results

The number of Councillors to be elected is two.

Macclesfield Parish Council - Tytherington Ward 2023 Election Results
Nominated CandidatesDescriptionVotes castElected
BOWDEN John Edward Labour Labour Party 518
DOOLEY Beverley Conservative Icon Local Conservatives 804  
EDWARDES David Charles  Tytherington Ward Independents 1465 Yes
GILMAN Emma Louise  Tytherington Ward Independents 1145 Yes
HOUSTON Walter John green-party-icon Green Party 236  
LE MOIGNAN John Conservative Icon Local Conservatives 705
MAYERS David John green-party-icon Green Party 302  
REED Ken Labour Labour Party 328  

Turnout: 38.43%
Rejected ballots = 17

Page last reviewed: 07 May 2023