Cheshire East Council website redesign 2021

The new look website will go live on Sunday 12 December. You may notice some disruption that day as we transfer the templates.

Following a public consultation last April, where we asked visitors to the site what they liked and disliked about the existing design, our website was redesigned. Feedback from staff on this redesigned site was then implemented before sharing again with the public in October – with the overwhelming majority agreeing it was an improvement.

Enhancements to the site include:

  • Easier and quick access to all services
  • Simple and clear navigation
  • Improved site search facility
  • Improved accessibility standards for people with visual, hearing or readability impairments.

With the majority of people accessing the site from a mobile device, it has been designed with this in mind, meaning it is responsive to whatever device you are using.


Home page

Current home page

Current home page

New home page

Proposed home page design

Section home page

Current section home page


New section home page

Proposed section home page

Content page

Current content page

Current page template

New content page

Proposed page template