Freedom of Information

Following the changes to Government advice, the Compliance & Customer Relations Team are working from home. We will therefore not be able to collect correspondence sent via post. All our services remain up and running as normal with staff working from home. Please contact the team electronically using the links at the foot of this page. We aim to respond to you as soon as we are able.

However, during the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, there may be a delay in responding to your enquiry and we ask for your patience should the response be delayed. Before making a new request, please do search our Disclosure Log as the information you are wanting may already be publicly available.

Before making your request

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI) entitles you to ask us for any recorded information which we keep. Before you make a new request, please check if the information you are looking for is already available on our FOI disclosure log. The disclosure log publishes the majority of FOI requests that we have responded to since 1 May 2018. By using a simple keyword/date search, you will be able to check if the same or a similar request has been made before and may find the information you require.

Search the FOI disclosure log

Personal information such as names and address have been redacted to protect privacy. For more information about the disclosure log, please see our Freedom of Information disclosure log policy and procedure.

Cheshire East Highways related Insurance Claims

If you are wanting to request information in relation to a highways related insurance claim, please be aware that this is routinely supplied as part of the insurance claim.

Information in respect of an incident at the specified location is supplied to claimants as part of the claims process.

Therefore there is no need to request this information separately through the  Eirs or  FOIA processes.

For further information on making a claim can be found on our making a claim page.

Cheshire East Council FOIA and EIRs policy and procedure

The purpose of this policy is to assist everyone to understand Cheshire East Council’s approach to meeting its statutory duties under FOIA and EIR . In line with the Government’s Transparency Agenda, there is a presumption in favour of the disclosure of information.

However, this is balanced with a need to ensure the confidentiality of some information relating to such areas as personal data, commercial interests, legal processes, and other instances where disclosure would not be in the public interest. In certain circumstances, requests for information may be refused.

Applying for information

Requests for information

  • must be in writing
  • there must be a name and address to send our response 
    This can be an e-mail address but if you require paper copies we will need a postal address.
  • there is no need to mention the Freedom of Information Act 2000, but may help your request to be dealt with correctly
  • you do not need to say why you want the information but you will need to provide details about what is being requested
    This should be as clear as possible to help us locate the information you require.

The easiest way to make an application is to submit our Freedom of Information online form.

Information can I request

Our publication scheme lists routinely published information, how you can view that information and whether you will have to pay for it. Information may be subject to copyright so if you wish to make multiple copies or publish it in any way you will need to let us know.

I am not happy with the Council’s response

If you are unhappy with the FOI response you have received from us write to

The request will then be examined again by a senior officer who has had no part in dealing with your initial request. This will be done within 20 days of your initial response.

If the complaint is not upheld and you are still not satisfied, you can approach the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and request that he reviews the decision. The ICO will not normally review a complaint under FOI until our internal complaints procedure has been exhausted.

Visit the Information Commissioner's Website

Phone: 0303 123 1113 (9am - 5pm Monday to Friday)

The Information Commissioner's Office
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Page last reviewed: 14 December 2020