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Council offers free classes to help reduce fall-related hospital admissions

6 February 2024

Cheshire East Council is offering residents, free ‘stand strong’ classes in a bid to help reduce fall related emergency admissions at hospital.

More than two hundred emergency admissions at hospital are due to people falling across the borough each month.

Data from October 2022 through to September 2023 and covering Cheshire East shows on average 218 people aged 65 plus who fall, are being admitted to hospital. 

Helen Charlesworth-May 223 x 280Helen Charlesworth-May, executive director for adults, health and integration at Cheshire East Council, said: “The findings in this data are of real concern, and to think so many people are taken to hospital because of a fall or trip.

“With more cold weather and possible snow forecast, one of the best practical measures people can do is by wearing appropriate footwear and avoiding going out early on particularly icy days.

“These figures are a stark reminder of the devastating consequences falls can have, not only on the quality of life for individuals and their families but also on our healthcare system, as falls are estimated to cost the NHS £2.3 billion per year.”

As well as outside, falls can also happen in the home and simple measures such as removing trip hazards like rugs and wires, installing grab rails or even something as simple as using a bath or shower mat, can help reduce the risk. 

The council is encouraging people to continue to undertake physical activity including via One You falls prevention (Stand Strong) and physical activity and muscle strengthening classes.

One useful action for people aged 65 and over is to join a free Stand Strong class which is offered by the One You Cheshire East service to help improve balance and mobility and reduce the risk of falling. These are offered in a variety of locations across borough. The One You Cheshire East was set up to help residents to live a healthy lifestyle including to get fit. 

For more information visit the One You Cheshire East website or phone: 0808 1643 202.