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Cheshire East Council moves to close Westfields office, Sandbach

5 December 2023

Cheshire East Council has made a decision to close its Westfields office in Sandbach.

The decision to close was taken at a meeting of the council’s corporate policy committee on 30 November. It is part of the council’s ‘workplace’ programme. The programme focuses on five principles:

  • Improve productivity, value for money and services to residents;
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of working practices;
  • Meet staff aspirations for an improved work life balance;
  • Provide a safe creative environment to work in and drive innovation and transformation;
  • Optimise the use of office workspace and reduce costs. 

Although the date for the building’s closure has not been set yet, the council will move to corporate offices in Macclesfield and Crewe. These offices will provide working spaces for staff, elected members and spaces to deliver services to residents. There is also a variety of other buildings where staff can work from across the borough. 

A decision over what will happen with the Westfields site will be made at the council’s economy and growth committee once options have been identified. 

Cllr Sam Corcoran - May 2023Councillor Sam Corcoran, chair of Cheshire East Council’s corporate policy committee, said: “The workplace programme is an important part of our plans to transform the council and become more sustainable both financially and in terms of our carbon neutral ambitions. With many more people working from home and a reduced workforce, Cheshire East Council no longer requires all the buildings that it used to. Working from home reduces travel mileage, which is good for the environment and reduces traffic congestion.

“While residents and businesses may have mixed views about their council and its presence in a town, I for one will be sorry to see Cheshire East Council move out of Westfields. It is said that you only really appreciate something when it is gone and my initial thoughts are to the local shopkeepers and traders who have supported the workforce and visitors of Westfields.

“I hope that Westfields will continue to be used either as offices by another entity or be repurposed for some alternative use. The first step that has now been taken is to decide that it is surplus to the requirements of Cheshire East Council as office space. Future uses of the site will now be pursued.”