14 Reasons to Foster

Cheshire East Council launches #14 Reasons to Foster 

15 May 2023

Cheshire East Council has today (Monday), launched the first of a series of 14 short films to help boost the number of people coming forward to be foster carers.  

The short films showcasing foster carers and council staff are being shown each day over the next two weeks as part of a range of activities being undertaken during Foster Care Fortnight which takes place from Monday 15 to Sunday 28 May. 

Foster Care Fortnight is organised by the charity The Fostering Network and is an annual campaign to raise awareness of the transformational power of fostering and to celebrate the wider fostering community. 

This year's theme is #FosteringCommunities which will celebrate the strength and resilience of fostering communities.

Kerry Birtles, director of children’s social care at Cheshire East Council, said: “There is an urgent need across the borough to find more loving homes and increase the number of local foster carers, so that our children and young people can remain living in the borough in the communities that they were born and where they belong.

“There is no better time to be asking for the support of potential new foster carers than during Foster Care Fortnight and we are looking for people from all walks of life who have curiosity and the desire to want to make a positive difference.

“We know that sometimes people are unsure at the beginning, but we will be with you and supporting you at every stage of your fostering journey to ensure that becoming a Cheshire East Council foster carer is right for you and your family.

“So now is a good a time as ever to pick up the phone or go on our website and make that initial enquiry with us. It could be the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done!”

To find out more about fostering and to either attend an information session or to receive an information pack, please go to the council’s fostering website at www.togetherforfostering.com or phone 0300 123 3223.

The short films can be viewed on each day of Foster Care Fortnight on the council’s dedicated fostering website, YouTube channel and fostering service Facebook page