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Cheshire East appoints service committee chairs and vice-chairs

25 May 2023

Cheshire East Council has announced the chairs and vice-chairs of its service committees.

The councillors to hold these positions are as follows:

  • Adults and health committee – chair Cllr Jill Rhodes, vice-chair Cllr Arthur Moran;  
  • Children and families committee – chair Cllr Carol Bulman, vice-chair Cllr Lata Anderson;
  • Corporate policy committee – chair Cllr Sam Corcoran, vice-chair Cllr Craig Browne;
  • Economy and growth committee – chair Cllr Mark Goldsmith, vice-chair Nick Mannion;
  • Environment and communities committee – chair Cllr Mick Warren, vice-chair Cllr Judy Snowball;
  • Finance sub-committee – chair Cllr Nick Mannion, vice-chair Cllr Michael Gorman;
  • Highways and transport committee – chair Cllr Craig Browne, vice-chair Cllr Laura Crane.

Under the committee system, introduced by the council in May 2021, decisions are made by committees, which are responsible for a different area of the authority’s services.

Each service committee has 13 members. These members collectively make decisions. The political make up of each committee reflects the political make-up of the council. 

Members debate and vote on decisions, so decisions are made collectively by the cross-party membership. The system was implemented following a legally-binding decision in November 2020, and cannot be changed for five years. 

A calendar of committee meetings and their respective agendas (once published) is available online. 

Further information is available online on each of the committees, including service committees