Equality and Diversity policy

We value all our diverse communities across the borough. We understand that people can experience discrimination and prejudice in their lives. This is something that we want to change. We want to be an organisation that is achieving equality in employment and service delivery, and promoting equality and diversity in our communities.

Promoting fairness and providing equality for all is an ambition in each of our strategic objectives as outlined in the Corporate Plan 2016-2020. We want to ensure that:

  1. Our local communities are strong and supportive
  2. Cheshire East has a strong and resilient economy
  3. People have the life skills and education they need in order to thrive
  4. Cheshire East is a green and sustainable place
  5. People live well and for longer
  6. Our organisation is responsible, effective, and efficient

Our equality agenda will ensure that we are making our services, and employment opportunities, as accessible as possible and that we develop policies and plans across the organisation that generate positive outcomes for individuals and communities as a whole.

In everything we do we want to:

  • narrow the gaps between our communities
  • provide access to services in all of our communities  across the borough
  • improve our understanding of our communities and their needs and shape services to meet these needs
  • foster good relations with our communities and our partners
  • ensure our workforce is representative of the communities that they serve

We have identified 5 equality objectives to help us deliver the best possible outcomes for all of our residents in everything we do and, improve our understanding of, and response to, inequalities across all of our services and the borough as a whole. These are detailed within our Equality & Diversity Strategy (link).

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