Rights relating to automated decision making and profiling

Automated decision making is when a computer makes a decision based on information entered into a system without any human involvement, for example an online credit application.

Profiling is a form of automated processing which monitors and evaluates such things as a person’s behaviour, location, personal preferences, performance at work or financial situation. This is usually carried out by commercial companies such as banks, insurance agencies or online sales companies.

You have the right to object to decisions based solely on computer processing and to question the decisions made about you by a computer.  You can have any decisions explained to you and also ask for a person to be involved in the decision making, particularly if the decision has a significant effect on you.

You cannot object to automated decision making, including profiling, if:

  • it is required for a contract you have entered into
  • it is required by law, for example fraud or tax evasion monitoring or
  • you have given your explicit consent

We will ensure that any automated decision making, including profiling, is carried out with appropriate safeguards and procedures to ensure the risk of errors is minimised and decisions are accurate. 

Page last reviewed: 04 July 2022