Current Facts and Figures


The latest population estimate for Cheshire East is:


The population density of Cheshire East = 332 residents per square km.

By population, Cheshire East is the 3rd largest Unitary Authority in the North West, and the 17th largest in the country.

The source for these population figures is mid-year population estimates, 2020, Office for National Statistics. These population estimates will next be updated in or around April 2022 when the 2021 Census figures are expected.

Other facts and figures

Other facts and figures about Cheshire East can be found on this Open Data Portal, which the council uses to share data and information.

Examples of the types of facts and figures that can be found on this Open Data Portal include:

Further information taken from the census can be accessed on the census page of this site and, as and when released, via Twitter.


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Page last reviewed: 22 July 2020