Census 2021

2021 Census update

Staff from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) are currently visiting those who have refused to complete census.  They will discuss, support and advise you on your legal obligations to complete the census.

The ONS are keen to protect residents from census scams that are still operating.

These scam texts threaten the recipient with a £1000 fine for not completing the census, or for filling it in incorrectly.

Please note that:

  • The ONS will never contact someone by text in relation to the census
  • The ONS will never issue a fine by text, phone call, email or social media
  • Scam text messages can be forwarded to 7726 and scam emails to report@phishing.gov.uk

Further information can be found at 2021 Census website.

What is the census?

Every ten years the Office for National Statistics (ONS) carries out a census to find out more about the people who live in England and Wales, and about the make-up of local neighbourhoods.

The census provides the most accurate estimate of all the people and households in Cheshire East. The information you give helps decide how to plan and fund services. This could mean things like doctors' surgeries, housing, or new bus routes. It asks questions about you and your household to build a picture of UK residents. It looks at who we are and how we live. There is no other survey that gives as much information about our society and future needs.

Past, present and future of the census

The census takes place every ten years. The first census was in 1801 and the most recent was Sunday 21 March 2021. We need every household in England and Wales to take part to make it accurate.

How the ONS keeps your data safe

The safety of your information is our top priority at the Office for National Statistics. No one can identify you in the census statistics we publish. We make sure they contain none of your personal information. Your census record is kept secure for 100 years and only then can future generations see it.

The ONS do not sell your personal information. Everyone working on the census signs the Census Confidentiality Undertaking. It’s a crime for them to unlawfully share personal census information. This includes people working for the census offices and for our suppliers.

The ONS have strict security procedures that follow government standards. This includes physical and IT security measures to protect your data.

Laws in place that cover protection of your data include the:

  • Data Protection Act 2018
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Census Act 1920
  • Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007

To find out more about how the ONS keep your information safe, please visit the ONS website.

Page last reviewed: 03 June 2021