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This page presents results from all surveys and consultations, conducted with parents and carers of children with special educational needs.

Results from past  SEND surveys and consultations

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Consultation conducted during November 2019 – 123 responses were received.

Download the "Short Breaks for Disabled Children Parent Carer Consultation" full report (PDF, 302KB).

Short summary of results:

A majority of respondents had accessed short breaks in the past 24 months (77%), and the most frequently used providers were Cheshire and Warrington Carers Trust, Everybody Sport and Recreation, and Space4Autism.

A small proportion of respondents were not accessing short breaks (24 out of 123, 19%), and required further information on where and what they were able to access them.

For those respondents who were accessing short breaks a number of them expressed how beneficial they were: having time to themselves /ability to recharge.

Based on responses to this survey, ideally future short break provision should be provided during school holidays, ensure staff have awareness of the individual child or young person’s needs, be active and simulating, and involve holiday or sport based activities.

Above all else, an understanding of the individual needs of the child or young person was felt to be paramount for the success of the service.

Upcoming  SEND surveys and consultations

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Expected February 2020.

The council's Research and Consultation Team will be calling parents / carers of children with an education, health and care plan, to get feedback on the service received.

The phone calls should last roughly 5-10 minutes.

If you have any queries about these phone calls, please email

Expected February 2020.

Expected April 2020.


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