Sports grounds - regulated stands certificate

If you operate a sports ground which is not designated as requiring a safety certificate, you will require a safety certificate for any covered stand that holds 500 or more spectators.

A safety certificate may be either:

  • a general safety certificate which covers the use of the stand for viewing an activity, or a number of activities, specified in the certificate for an indefinite period which starts on a specified date
  • a special safety certificate which covers the use of the stand for viewing a certain specified activity or activities on a certain specified occasion or occasions

One certificate may cover more than one stand. You must comply with any conditions attached to a certificate.


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Application evaluation

Applicants must provide requested information and plans within the time specified. If it is not provided within the permitted time the application will be deemed to have been withdrawn.

Cheshire East Council will determine if any stand is a regulated stand. If it is determined that it is, a notice will be served on the person who appears would qualify to be issued with a general safety certificate. The notice will give details of their determination and the effects of the determination.

When Cheshire East Council receives an application for a general safety certificate for a regulated stand at a sports ground they must determine:

  • if the stand is a regulated stand;
  • if it if the applicant is the person who qualifies for the issue of the certificate.

Cheshire East Council will send a copy of an application for a safety certificate to the chief police officer of the area, the fire and rescue authority and the council building control authority. Each of these bodies must be consulted about the terms and conditions to be included in a certificate.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a general safety certificate, you must be

  • the person responsible for the management of the ground.
  • the person responsible for the activity to be viewed from the stand on that occasion. 

Right of appeal

Any applicant who is refused a general safety certificate because they are not considered to be an eligible person can appeal to the Magistrates court .


Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987 (full legislation)

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