The Petroleum Enforcing Authority

The Petroleum Enforcing Authority (PEA) for Cheshire East is the Trading Standards Service of the Council.

All workplaces that store and dispense petrol whether mechanically or electrically into the fuel tank of an internal combustion engine, require a Petroleum Storage Certificate (PSC).

We will inspect your premises to ensure that they are suitable for storing petrol if you require a Petroleum Storage Certificate.

Contact us if you have any doubt as to whether you require a Petroleum Storage Certificate.

You may need a Petroleum Storage Certificate if you store over 30 litres of petrol at home or if you have a business and dispense petrol mechanically or electrically into motor vehicles.

Storage of petrol in cans or containers in domestic premises is regulated by Trading Standards. 

Storage of petrol in cans or containers at Business Premises is regulated by Environmental Health Officers or the Health and Safety Executive and not by Trading Standards.

More information regarding the Storage of Petroleum.

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Page last reviewed: 31 May 2022