The Heritage Wall artwork

Phase one of the Royal Arcade scheme, a new bus station and multi-storey car park, will include a new piece of public artwork, which will be a prominent landmark for everyone to enjoy when they arrive in the town centre.

The wall of the car park above the bus station will have a perforated metal wall to meet ventilation requirements. This enabled the council to commission a piece of artwork, based on a perforated pattern or image, with the added benefit that it will not cost any more than the basic metal wall.

The final design of the artwork was chosen following a series of online and in-person engagement events with the public, local councillors, Crewe Town Board and culture and heritage groups.

This video, which has been specially produced by Jac Seifert of Orakel Workshop (the artist responsible for the design) explains the design process and the inspiration behind it.

The final design will be in place when the first phase of the Royal Arcade scheme is completed, expected to be at the end of 2023.

Page last reviewed: 31 January 2023