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This project is supported by the Future High Streets Fund

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We have a plan to improve access to Crewe town centre. The changes will make it easier for people to get in and out of town, reducing congestion and journey times.

What work will be done

The Flag Lane Link will significantly improve access to the town centre, reduce congestion and journey times in and out of Crewe by linking Dunwoody Way to Delamere Street via Flag Lane.

No new traffic lights or street lighting will be introduced as part of the scheme; however, we will be upgrading the current zebra crossing, which is in place on Flag Lane.

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Traffic and road safety

This will not be a major route into Crewe town centre and safety is the number one priority for us. Our town centre-wide plan will help reduce driver frustration by reducing congestion and journey times. Driver frustration often contributes to accidents.

We will monitor vehicle speeds once the new junction and link road have been built, to make sure that the road remains safe at all times.


A small number of informal parking spaces on Harrison Way will be removed. Our parking surveys have shown that there are alternative options in the area.

We will keep parking and any issues that arise under review

Walking and Cycling

To improve walking, cycling and other active travel options to and from the town centre we will be removing the cycle barriers which obstruct the cycle lane between Bateman Close and Flag Lane.


We commissioned a public engagement exercise on the scheme in the autumn of 2021, to gain feedback from stakeholders on the new link improvements at Flag Lane. We wanted to hear stakeholder’s thoughts and ideas to inform the design of both phases of the scheme and to maximise the benefits to the area. We also wanted to hear their concerns and how they thought they could be addressed.

The report below provides a summary of the verbal feedback received over two days during an engagement exercise held in Crewe town centre. It also provides a full analysis of responses from the online questionnaire that was live on our website for more than six weeks. 

The findings will be used, along with other design and assessment work, to inform any potential improvements in the future.

For more information on Crewe Future High Streets Fund.

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