Crewe Town Centre Public Realm Strategy

The town centre suffers from a number of significant challenges including perception, the domination of key gateways into the town centre by car parks, poor quality connectivity through it by foot and vacant and underutilised buildings.

The core comprises a number of smaller retail units surrounded by larger units on the edge. The larger format units are served by a ring of car parks and the links between these areas is in many cases poor quality or limited which discourages linked trips and reduces dwell times.

The Council have developed a Public Realm Strategy for Crewe Town Centre following analysis of existing policy context, public realm and the history of the town centre. It has considered character areas, landmark spaces, key pedestrian and transport movements, parking, servicing and deliveries, public art, lighting and shop frontages, etc.

The Public Realm Strategy identifies a vision and objectives for public realm in the town centre. It includes a spatial strategy, transport and street hierarchy, materials palette, guidelines on street furniture and greenspaces and suggestions in relation to public art, creative interventions, lighting, wayfinding and shop frontages.

The Council’s Local Plan Strategy, Site Allocations and Development Policies Document, Policy RET10 establishes the following position in relation to regeneration of the town centre and it’s character areas.

Page last reviewed: 07 February 2020