Pest control for your home

Our one-off pest control services are for homes only. For businesses, we offer contract pest control services.

Pests we treat

We only treat for mice and rats in domestic premises. For any other pest you can:

  • contact a specialist pest control service
  • treat it yourself

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) provides information on identifying common pests and how to treat them and finding a specialist contractor.

Cost for mice and rat control treatments in your home

We charge £70 for our treatment for mice and rats, which includes our call-out charge for up to 3 visits. 

You can pay by debit or credit card when you book your appointment online. 

If it is not possible to carry out a treatment, a partial refund will be given.

Book a domestic pest control appointment

This is for domestic properties only.  See information for commercial properties.

Book a domestic pest control appointment

Appointments for our treatments are only available from Monday to Friday during normal office hours.

You can change your appointment if you can no longer keep to the day you selected. You must do this by 5.00pm on the day before your appointment. We don’t refund the cost if you cancel your appointment.

What happens next

A pest control officer will visit your home on the appointed day between the hours of 8am to 4pm. They will text you in the morning to let you know if it will be in the morning or afternoon. Unfortunately, we are unable to give specific time slots due to the nature of the work. 

They might need to come back to continue the treatment. The officer will let you know if this is required and arrange another appointment time.

How to improve pest treatment success

You can increase the success rate of the treatment by:

  • making sure you keep all revisit appointments
  • not interfering with or repositioning any bait stations
  • keeping children and pets away from bait stations at all times
  • removing all potential food sources for example bird feed in the garden
  • following all other instructions given by the pest control officer 

For further information, contact the pest control team

Page last reviewed: 28 May 2024