Air pollution monitoring

The Council monitors air pollution at over 90 sites spread throughout the Borough. We use two main methods of monitoring air pollution. The links below take you to a page explaining more about the monitoring methods we use.

We regularly review the location of monitoring sites, based on the outcome of our regular review and assessment process. Because we use screening techniques, we can be reasonably sure where we need to concentrate our resources and carry out monitoring.

Monthly diffusion tube data

Our monthly diffusion tube data provides monthly and annual average NO2 mean concentrations (µg/m3) from diffusion tubes across Cheshire East.  All raw data is subject to Defra approved bias corrections and distance corrections where applicable. These two corrections are applied to the end of year annual average not the monthly data. As such the annual average will be different from the running average displayed.

Monitoring data

All monitoring data from 2019 to 2023 is available for download. 

There is no difference in the data between the two versions, however consultants using data to prepare reports require more detailed information.

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Page last reviewed: 08 April 2024