Clean Air Act approval

To protect against high concentrations of air pollutants at ground level, which could create health effects, legislation allows Local Authorities to control the height of chimneys serving industrial processes.

The theory behind this is to ensure that emissions from chimneys exit at high levels to aid dispersion and dilution and limit the process of gravity from bringing high concentrations of grit, dust, soot and gases down to ground level.



There is no fee for the application.

What happens next

We will consider the application and give a written decision within 28 days of its receipt, unless it's agreed in writing that a longer period may be allowed. If we fail to deal with the application within the agreed period, then approval without qualification will be deemed to have been given.

Right of appeal

You can appeal against a decision not to approve a chimney height. Appeals should be made to the Secretary of State within 28 days of receipt of notification that the application has not been approved.


Clean Air Act 1993

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Page last reviewed: 18 March 2022