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Complaints About Health and Safety in the Workplace

The Council will investigate complaints concerning Health and Safety issues which affect employees, the self-employed and members of the public.

We investigate complaints relating to premises for which we are the enforcing authority.  We will usually refer any complaints to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) when it relates to premises where they are the enforcing authority.

Complaints relating to working conditions or dangerous practices are always investigated sensitively and are treated confidentially. Many of the complaints can be dealt with during a visit and can be easily and informally resolved. Formal action may be considered if employees are exposed to an unacceptable risk of injury or occupational illness.

If you are concerned about a workplace you should first speak to your employer, a trade union representative or safety officer.

If a problem has arisen which needs investigation, this will be carried in accordance with national guidelines.  It is a private matter between you and the business if you are looking for compensation relating to an accident. You may wish to seek legal advice from a solicitor.

Who Is The Enforcing Authority For My Workplace ?

The HSE’s website has produced a guide to which authority is responsible for which workplace type.  Find out whether the HSE or the Council are responsible for your workplace.

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