Environmental permits

All industrial processes have the potential to release pollution to land, air and water. This pollution can pose a health risk to people as well as damaging the environment. To prevent this, industrial processes are tightly regulated in order to minimise, and to manage, their environmental impacts. 

Our role in the regime is to issue permits which set controls and emission standards to minimise pollution from certain industrial activities.

If you are an operator of an installation where one or more industrial activities listed in Schedule 1, Part 2 of the Regulations are carried out, you will require one or more permits to operate / continue to operate.

Apply for Part A(2) or Part B

If you need to apply for a permit, substantial change, transfer, variation or surrender contact us for the correct application forms. There are separate permit application forms for Part A2 and Part B installations.


The costs involved in obtaining and retaining an Environmental Permit are not straightforward.  There are charges for:

  • applications for permits
  • retaining a permit (subsistence fees)
  • making major changes to the facility (substantial changes)
  • transferring a permit
  • varying a permit

Contact us for information on fees

Inspection of processes

The issue of an ‘Environmental Permit’ is not the end of the control process. Local authorities are required to inspect processes each year dependent upon the risk that they pose and to ensure that conditions are being followed.

Current permit holders

We regulate a number of industrial installations throughout the Borough and these locations are listed on the permitted processes interactive map. Clicking on a process will show more details, including the type of process and which guidance note is applicable. 

Public register

Public Registers are held by this department and can be viewed during office hours. It is preferable to book an appointment so that we can ensure the documents you are interested in are available.

There may be a charge for any photocopying.

Contact us

Email: environmentalprotection@cheshireeast.gov.uk

Page last reviewed: 05 January 2022