Supporting Small Business relief (SSB)

This scheme helps small businesses who have lost some or all of their small business rate relief or rural rate relief following the revaluation so that businesses will see their bill increase by more than £600 per year increase limited to 5%, 7.5%, 10%, 15% and 15% from 2017/18 to 2021/22 plus inflation or £600 per year whichever is greater.

The scheme is to last for 5 years, but the discount will end:

  • when your bill reaches the amount you would have paid without the scheme
  • if the property falls vacant

There is no need to make an application for this relief. If you qualify we will automatically apply the relief to your account and send you a revised bill. If you think you are entitled to the relief but haven’t received it, please contact the Business Rates team.

Any relief awarded under this scheme will be adjusted if there is a change in your circumstances, for example if you vacate the premises or there is an amendment to the rateable value of your premises.

State aid rules

SSB is granted under the Councils discretionary relief powers and discretionary rate relief counts as state aid. The law says you can't have more than €200,000 in state aid (including EU aid) over a rolling three year period. You must tell us if you've had any other state aid.

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Page last reviewed: 03 November 2021