Council Tax Support adjustments

Your Council Tax Support may be reduced if your circumstances change, or if we find that we have assessed your Council Tax Support incorrectly. You will get an increased Council Tax bill if this change is backdated.

‘Reversals’ or ‘adjustments’ of Council Tax Support previously awarded might be known as 'overpayment' but this is not an official term.

We will claim back from you all discounts that are awarded incorrectly. We can use our discretion not to claim back a Council Tax Support reversal.

How we get the money back

We will recharge your Council Tax account with the Council Tax Support ‘reversal’ which will increase the balance. We will send you a new Council Tax bill showing the revised balance you owe and your payment options.

If you disagree with the Council Tax Support reversal

You can use our benefit reconsideration and appeal form to tell us why you disagree with the  Council Tax Support reversal.

Further information, help and support

For details of organisations who can give you advice about money matters and help you apply for benefits, see Live Well - applying for welfare benefits.

To see how your benefit has been calculated you can register for an account now if you haven’t done so already.

If you require any further information – contact the benefits team.

Page last reviewed: 27 February 2024