Appointees for benefits claims

When a person is unable to manage their own financial affairs, they can use an appointee to deal with their benefits claims.

To become an appointee for Cheshire East benefit claims, you need to fill in our appointee form. This applies even if you are already an appointee for DWP benefits – our process is separate.

As an appointee, you will be expected to manage affairs relating to the person’s benefit claims in the best interests of that person. You must have regular contact with the person and know enough about their circumstances to be able to do all of the following:

  • complete forms on their behalf
  • make claims at the right time
  • answer our queries
  • tell us about changes relevant to their benefit claims

You also take responsibility for repaying any overpaid benefit.

You must give us 4 weeks notice in writing if you want to stop being an appointee – contact the benefits team to let us know.

Page last reviewed: 27 February 2024