Policy RUR 14: Re-use of rural buildings for residential use

  1. The residential re-use of existing rural buildings will be permitted where the building is:
    1. of permanent and substantial construction so as not to require extensive alteration or rebuilding; and
    2. of a size that is able to accommodate a satisfactory living environment in the new dwelling and any extension required must be in accordance with the requirements of Policy RUR 11 'Extensions and alterations to buildings outside of settlement boundaries'.
  2. The curtilage of the new dwelling must be limited to the original curtilage of the building unless an extension can be justified under Policy RUR 12 'Residential curtilages outside of settlement boundaries' and must not have a harmful effect on the character of the surrounding countryside.
  3. The proposals must be sympathetic to the building’s architectural character and/or historic interest, as well as the character of its rural surroundings. Particular attention will be given to the impact of domestication and urbanisation of the proposals on the surrounding rural area including through:
    1. the supply of utility and infrastructure services, including electricity, water and waste disposal to support residential use;
    2. the provision of safe vehicular access;
    3. the provision of adequate amenity space and parking;
    4. the introduction of a domestic curtilage;
    5. the alteration of agricultural land and field walls; and
    6. any other engineering operation associated with the development.
  4. In the Green Belt, LPS Policy PG 3 ‘Green Belt’ will also apply and the relevant paragraphs of the NPPF will be a material consideration.

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6.52 LPS Policy PG 6 ‘Open countryside’ restricts development in the open countryside to that which is appropriate to a rural area. New dwellings are not considered to be a use appropriate to a rural area but exceptions to the restrictive approach may be made where proposals are limited to the re-use of existing buildings where the building is permanent, substantial, and would not require extensive alteration, re-building or extension.

6.53 Within the Green Belt, the re-use of buildings is not inappropriate provided that the buildings are of permanent and substantial construction and development would preserve the openness of the Green Belt and not conflict with the purposes of including land within it.

6.54 Proposals for conversion of heritage assets should also take account of relevant policies relating to the historic environment.

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