Policy RUR 12: Residential curtilages outside of settlement boundaries

  1. Outside of any settlement with a defined settlement boundary, proposals for the extension of residential gardens or curtilages involving the material change of use of land will only be permitted where the proposal will not cause unacceptable harm to the amenity, character and appearance of the surrounding area or the open countryside, either on its own or cumulatively with other development.
  2. In the Green Belt, LPS Policy PG 3 'Green Belt' will also apply and the relevant paragraphs of the NPPF may be a material consideration.

Supporting information

6.47 LPS Policy PG 6 'Open countryside' allows for development that is essential for uses appropriate to a rural area in the open countryside. Extensions to residential gardens and curtilages into the countryside can have significant impacts on the rural and open character of the countryside by enclosing land, creating new boundaries and introducing ancillary domestic buildings and paraphernalia. It will be important to ensure that proposals for such extensions via material changes of use are only permitted where they would not cause unacceptable harm to the character of the countryside.

6.48 For the avoidance of doubt, this policy also applies to proposals to incorporate paddocks, equestrian facilities, agricultural land, smallholding fields and other land uses into a residential garden.

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