Policy RUR 13: Replacement buildings outside of settlement boundaries

  1. The replacement of existing buildings in the open countryside and Green Belt will only be permitted where the replacement building:
    1. is not materially larger than the existing building; and
    2. would not unduly harm the rural character of the countryside, by virtue of prominence, scale, bulk or visual intrusion.
  2. When considering whether a replacement building is materially larger, matters including height, bulk, form, siting, design, floorspace and footprint will be taken into account. Increases in overall building height and development extending notably beyond the existing footprint in particular have the potential to be materially larger.
  3. When assessing the net increase in floorspace between the existing building and the replacement building as part of the consideration of whether a proposal is materially larger, floorspace from any detached outbuildings in the curtilage will only be taken into account where the buildings to be replaced can sensibly be considered together in comparison with what is proposed to replace them. Applicants must provide clear evidence of the existing and proposed floorspace.
  4. The existing building means the building as it exists at the time of submitting the planning application.
  5. Proposals for replacement dwellings should include appropriate provision for domestic storage and garaging.

Supporting information

6.49 Under LPS Policy PG 3 ‘Green Belt’, the replacement of a building is not inappropriate development in the Green Belt, provided the new building is in the same use and not materially larger than the one it replaces. LPS Policy PG 6 ‘Open countryside’ generally restricts development in the open countryside to that which is essential for a use appropriate to a rural area but makes an exception for the replacement of buildings, provided the new buildings are not materially larger.

6.50 Determining what is 'materially larger’ will depend upon the circumstances of each case. The policy sets out the types of matters that will be taken into account when deciding whether or not proposals are materially larger.

6.51 Where permission is granted for a replacement building outside of settlement boundaries, a condition withdrawing permitted development rights will be considered in each case, having regard to the character of the site and its surroundings.

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