Policy EMP 1: Strategic employment areas

  1. The following areas are designated as strategic employment areas and shown on the adopted policies map:
    1. Alderley Park;
    2. Bentley Motors, Crewe;
    3. Booths Hall, Knutsford;
    4. Crewe Gates Industrial Estate, Crewe;
    5. Crewe Green Business Park, Crewe;
    6. Hurdsfield Industrial Estate, Macclesfield;
    7. Jodrell Bank;
    8. Ma6nitude, Middlewich;
    9. Radbroke Hall, Knutsford;
    10. Recipharm, Holmes Chapel; and
    11. Waters Corporation, Wilmslow.
  2. These strategic employment areas are of particular significance to the economy of Cheshire East and will be protected for employment use as set out in LPS Policy EG 3 ‘Existing and allocated employment sites’.
  3. Proposals for further investment for employment uses in these areas will be supported, subject to other policies in the development plan.

Supporting information

7.2  These are the existing strategic employment areas as identified in the LPS. They are of particular significance to the economy in Cheshire East, collectively providing employment for over 13,000 people. 

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