Policy HER 7: Non-designated heritage assets

When considering the direct or indirect effects of a development proposal on a non-designated heritage asset (including locally listed buildings), a balanced judgement will be required, having regard to the significance of the heritage asset and the scale of any loss or harm.

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5.29 Non-designated heritage assets include locally important buildings and structures of architectural or historic interest, historic parks and gardens, heritage landscape or areas of archaeological interest. The council’s Local List of Historic Buildings supplementary planning document contains a list of non-designated heritage assets in Cheshire East. Buildings marked on conservation area plans as making a positive contribution to the conservation area are also considered to be non-designated heritage assets. They contribute to the unique character of Cheshire East, individually and sometimes collectively.

5.30 However, not all assets of local heritage significance are captured in this way. They can be identified by the local planning authority as part of the decision-making process on planning applications, for example, following archaeological investigations, or through neighbourhood plans. The Local List of Historic Buildings supplementary planning document sets out criteria, against which buildings will be assessed for local listing as non-designated heritage assets. An assessment to determine whether a building, structure, park or landscape is a non-designated heritage asset will be required to consider the asset's evidential, historic, aesthetic, and communal value.

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