Policy HER 6: Historic battlefields

Development proposals that would lead to substantial harm to the heritage significance of The Battle of Nantwich registered Historic Battlefield site, including its setting, should be wholly exceptional and will be refused unless it can be demonstrated that substantial harm is necessary to achieve substantial public benefits that outweigh that harm. Where development proposals would lead to less than substantial harm to the significance of the site, the harm should be weighed against the public benefits of the proposal.

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5.27  Registered battlefields are amongst the heritage assets of highest significance. They are important in historic and cultural terms. The site of the 1644 Battle of Nantwich is the only registered Battlefield in Cheshire East and is one of only 3 such sites in the North West region to be included on The Historic England Register of important and accurately located Historic Battlefields.

5.28  As such it is important to preserve the battlefield site and its heritage significance. Proposals which would impact the site or its setting, should provide sufficient information to identify the historical and archaeological value, appearance of the landscape, views and visual reference from the battlefield and demonstrate that the cumulative impacts of any proposed development would not prevent the historical interpretation of the site or cause substantial harm to its significance.

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