Policy ENV 11: Proposals for battery energy storage systems

Proposals for battery energy storage systems will be supported where they assist with the balancing of the electricity grid and support renewable energy sources (such as wind and solar) alongside meeting the following criteria:

  1. schemes should be located on previously developed land and/or in existing industrial areas, wherever possible, close to existing users who can make use of the heat and/or power generated;
  2. proposals should avoid the loss of best and most versatile agricultural land in line with Policy RUR 5 'Best and most versatile agricultural land';
  3. proposals should not adversely impact neighbouring land users, or the existing commercial/operational requirements of surrounding businesses;
  4. the cumulative impacts of existing and proposed developments on the landscape, natural environment, amenity, operational use and surrounding users will be acceptable in line with LPS Policy SE 8 'Renewable and low carbon energy';
  5. development should look to utilise existing power lines, structures and infrastructure, wherever possible. Where it can be demonstrated that this is not possible and new power lines and pipelines are proposed, their impact on the landscape must be acceptably minimised;
  6. associated development and buildings such as access roads, security perimeter fencing and CCTV, invertor cabinets, lighting and any buildings must be designed so as to acceptably minimise its visual impact, whilst ensuring that the development causes no risk to public safety; and
  7. planning conditions/legal obligations will be used to make sure that the installations are removed when no longer in use and the land is restored to its previous condition.

Supporting information

4.74 Battery storage facilities allow energy to be stored and released back into the network when energy demand is at its highest. Proposals should look to make best use of existing infrastructure, where possible, and engage with appropriate infrastructure providers at an early stage in the design of such schemes.

4.75 In line with LPS Policy SE 14 ‘Jodrell Bank’ and Policy HER 9 'Jodrell Bank World Heritage Site', development proposals within the Jodrell Bank Observatory Radio Telescope Consultation Zone/World Heritage Site Buffer Zone that impair the efficiency of the telescope or have an adverse impact on the historic environment and visual landscape setting of the Jodrell Bank Observatory Radio Telescope will not be supported.

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