Policy SE 14: Jodrell Bank

  1. Within the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope Consultation Zone, as defined on the Proposals Map, development will not be permitted if it:
    1. Impairs the efficiency of the telescopes; or
    2. Has an adverse impact on the historic environment and visual landscape setting of the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope.
  2. Conditions will be imposed to mitigate identified impacts, especially via specialised construction techniques.
  3. Proposals should consider their impact on those elements that contribute to the potential outstanding universal value of Jodrell Bank.


13.159 The Jodrell Bank site is one of the earliest planned sites for radio-telescopes in the world and is home to the iconic Lovell Telescope (grade I listed building) which is a prominent feature within the Cheshire East landscape.

13.160 The council recognises that Jodrell Bank is a unique site which is of significant scientific and historical value. Accessible to the general public, this site is an important contribution to the borough’s tourism economy and has the potential to attract many more national and international visitors to the region.

13.161 Jodrell Bank is on the UK National Shortlist (the tentative list) for UNESCO in a bid for World Heritage site status due to its potential outstanding universal value.

13.162 The Town and Country Planning (Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope) Direction 1973 sets out the zones and the type of development in which the council must consult the University of Manchester. This policy aims to make sure that the telescopes retain their ability to receive radio emissions from space with minimum interference from electrical equipment.

13.163 The council will provide further detailed policy and advice within the Site Allocations and Development Policies Document

Key Evidence

  1. Town and Country Planning (Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope) Direction 1973
  2. Jodrell Bank Design Guide (under preparation)
  3. The protection and management of World Heritage sites in England (English Heritage)
  4. Jodrell Bank Management Policies (under preparation)

Policy information


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