Sexually Transmitted Infections

STIs can be spread from person to person through unprotected sexual encounters; and this includes oral sex. Some STIs do not have symptoms (such as chlamydia) but if left untreated can lead to further complications. If you have had an unprotected sexual encounter it is worth getting yourself tested. This could be done at your General Practice or at a sexual health clinic. Tests are very quick and straightforward and once your results are back you will be provided with support on the way forward. Most infections are easily treatable with antibiotics.

Symptoms and testing

It is important to note that with some STIs you may not notice any symptoms. For example, most people with the most common STI, chlamydia, do not have any symptoms but, if left untreated it can lead to long term health and fertility problems. If you are concerned that you have or have been exposed to an STI; you should contact your GP or sexual health clinic.

The services are free and the information you provide is strictly confidential.

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