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This service offers help and support for individuals in the early stages of dementia following a formal diagnosis, and their families and carers.

The service places a strong emphasis on empowering people with early dementia to have the confidence to manage independently, and for families and carers to take positive risks to ensure they continue to lead a good quality of life.  It provides specialist, short term interventions that are designed to equip people with early dementia, their carers and their families, with the practical skills, tools and information that can improve outcomes for the person affected. 

Eligibility for the Dementia Reablement Service

This service is free for anyone who has received a diagnosis of early dementia from a Memory Clinic. If you are worried that your memory or that of someone you know is getting worse, or if memory loss is beginning to affect everyday life, you should seek advice from your Doctor who may refer you to the memory clinic.

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