November children’s rights month 2021


We want Cheshire East to be a great place to be young, a place that respects and champions the rights of all children and young people, encouraging them to express their views and be actively involved in decisions that affect their lives.

So we dedicate the whole month of November to raising awareness of children’s rights and making it clear to children and young people that we value their opinions.

November Children’s Rights Month (NCRM) is an initiative of the Cheshire East Youth Council and this year’s theme is how the rights of Children and Young People has been affected during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Opportunities you could take to recognise and celebrate children’s rights

You can support NCRM  by selecting one or more of the opportunities set out below and in the attached menu. These have been put together to give you an insight into the issues that children and young people face every day across Cheshire East. Designed by the Cheshire East Youth Council, the opportunities also follow the themes from each outcome within our Children and Young People’s Plan. 

How about taking a break from social media or filling in a gratitude journal to reinforce the things you are most thankful for?

It’s really simple to accept an opportunity:

  1. Get involved by selecting an activity from the menu of opportunities (PDF, 136KB)
  2. Once you have chosen an opportunity, complete the November Children's right month online form and the participation team will send you templates and information you need.
  3. Fill in the diary template (MS Word, 211KB) when you have completed one of the activities, and send it back to our participation team. You can also take a short video of yourself carrying out your chosen activity and send it to us also.

Please also show your support for the campaign by adding them NCRM logo (JPG, 189KB) to your email signature.

Events that took place in 2020

The theme for 2020 was mental health. Throughout the month we hosted a range of virtual activities including yoga, a letter to future self and gratitude journal.

Events that took place in 2019

The theme in 2019 centred on going the distance for children’s rights. Throughout the month we hosted a range of activities and campaigns ranging from ‘reverse take over’ where professionals chose a challenge set by young people, to donating food and toiletries to vulnerable children and families and making pledges to ‘go the distance’ for children and young people in 2020.

Events that took place in 2018

The theme in 2018 centred on stepping up for children’s rights. Throughout the month we hosted a range of activities and campaigns ranging from ‘Stepping Up’ for children’s rights, the Youth Support Service Awards and the STAR awards.

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