Fire safety at open air events

The 2005 Fire Safety Order is enforced by the Fire Authority and applies to most open air events and venues with the exception of Designated Sports Grounds and Stands that require a safety certificate issued by the Local Authority.

Effective fire safety management at open air events will ensure fire safety matters are addressed early in the planning process and ensure that fire is unlikely to occur.

Responsibility for complying with the order rests with the ‘responsible person’ and therefore early identification of the responsible person or persons is imperative. The responsible person will normally be the employer or any other person whom may have control of the event e.g. owner, occupier, organiser, manager.

To comply with fire safety law, the responsible person will need to carry out a fire risk assessment and identify the general fire precautions that need to be in place to ensure safety in case of fire for all ‘relevant persons’.

The significant findings of the fire risk assessment will need to be recorded if five or more persons are employed or the event is subject to licensing. It is always good practice to record your significant findings in any case.

More complex events will probably need to be assessed by a person with comprehensive training or experience in fire risk assessment. The guide can also be used to address fire safety within specific areas such as marquee’s.

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Page last reviewed: 17 January 2018