Allotment sites in Cheshire East

Allotment site details

  • Meadowside

The allotment is managed by Adlington Parish Council. Further information is available from the Parish Clerk.


  • Beech Close
  • Chorley Hall Lane
  • Heyes Lane

The allotment sites of Beech Close, Chorley Hall and Heyes Lane have recently been transferred to the Parish Council; these sites are currently managed by The Alderley Edge Allotment and Garden Society on behalf of the Parish.

There are 3 allotment sites in Disley (with approximately 30 plots) which are administered by the Parish Council, in conjunction with Disley Allotment Association:

  • Greystones, Newtown
  • Hagg Bank
  • Springfield

For information regarding registration, charges or plot availability for any of these sites contact Disley Parish Council on 01663-762726 or email

Further information about the allotments and allotmenteering is available on the Disley Allotment Association facebook page: Disley Allotmenteers

  • Lincoln Road

Site leased to and managed by Dean Row Allotment Society (on behalf of Riverside Housing).

For further information, contact the Society directly via their website:

  • Birtles Road
  • Brookfield Lane
  • Byrons Street, Maple Avenue
  • Knowsley Road
  • Laburnum Road
  • Lyme View, Sutton
  • Park Grove, South Park
  • Springfield Road
  • Springhill, Hurdsfield
  • Stamford Road

For more information on these sites including charges phone 01625 383791

  • Booth Lane - Contact Laura Searle (Middlewich Allotment Association)
  • Long Lane - Mark Brazendale (Long Lane Allotment Association) 01606 836490
  • Brookfield Allotment Site
  • Welshman’s Lane Allotment Site

For further information on these sites contact Nantwich Town Council, phone 01270 619224 or email

  • Shavington - Contact Mrs C M Jones on 01270 812065 or 07974 069514
  • Willaston - Contact Mr M. Langhorn on 01270 664152

Rental prices are £23.20 per plot, per annum, concessionary rate £13.65 per plot, per annum

  • Coppice Road

The allotment site on Coppice Road, Poynton is administered by Poynton Town Council. There is currently a waiting list for plots, but if you would like to be added to the waiting list phone Poynton Town Council on 01625 872238 o email Further information about the Coppice Road Allotments and allotmenteering in general is available on the Poynton Town Council website.

  • Cliff Road
  • Dingle Avenue
  • Land Lane

For more information on this site including charges phone 01625 383791

Page last reviewed: 26 February 2020