Case study - work experience April 2023

4 days with the digital customer experience team

I decided to do my year 10 work experience with Cheshire East council as I have volunteered with my local library in the past and I wanted to do more work for the council. I specifically chose the web team as I have an interest in computing. 

I enjoyed my work experience a lot as I was able to do lots of different things - for example, I was able to read suggestions for improvements to be made to pages on the website, and even to help edit them! As well as this, some URLs linking to forms were long versions, so I replaced these. I was also able to delete pages that were no longer needed. 

One of my favourite things about my work experience was that I was able to do so many different things! I loved everything that I did during my work experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone else looking for work experience! 

Page last reviewed: 13 April 2023