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What is our Social Work Academy?

At Cheshire East we believe that every Social Worker can make a difference and that anybody looking at, or currently in, a career within social work deserves the very best start and continuous ongoing support they can get, which is why we launched the Cheshire East Social Work Academy. The academy provides an in-depth training pathway that is supportive of professional development at all stages, giving you all the experience, skills and tools you need to succeed throughout.

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All our social work practitioners benefit from:

  • A tailored programme of support events and training
  • Continued professional development opportunities
  • Support and mentoring from dedicated lead practitioners
  • Access to Research in Practice - an invaluable tool for developing knowledge from webinars, research papers and online training which can then be used in day-to-day practice
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If you are at the start of your social work career journey when you join our Social Work Academy you will be part of our Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) programme for the first 12 months of your journey. This will be followed by our early professional development programme for the remaining final 12 months. On completion you will have developed the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to progress through our career pathway.

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For those who join the Social Work Academy with prior social work experience we can provide you with clear progression and development pathways and opportunities. We offer a variety of learning and professional development, where our commitment to collaborative and inclusive working ensures you have the assistance and support you need to perform your job to the best of your ability each day and to make a real difference to those you encounter.

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What sets us apart is that our Social Workers say they feel supported by our managers and leaders, where they have a comprehensive training plan, feel listened to and enjoy working in Cheshire East. Don’t just take our word for it however, to find out more about how the Cheshire East social work academy can work for you please email

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The different stages in our academy

Social work pathway

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  1. Family Service Worker
  2. ASYE  Social Worker
  3. EPD  Social Worker
  4. Progressed Social Worker
  1. Lead Practitioner Independent
  2. Reviewing Officer
  3. Principal Social Worker
  1. Advanced Practitioner
  2. Team Manager
  3. Service Manager

More about our social work career pathway

To find out more about the different stages in our Social Work Academy, see the social work career pathway.

Page last reviewed: 15 May 2024