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Below are all the documents relating to the Middlewich Eastern Bypass.

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Please note that objection letters are given their Core Document (CD) ref.

OD01, Caprev Middlewich Ltd

CD15 Caprev Objection Letter (PDF, 94KB)

OD02, Kettley International Ltd

CD16 Kettley International Objection Letter (PDF, 1.75 MB)

OD02.1 Email from Matthew Bodley Consulting (PDF, 207KB)

OD03, Mr K Jackson

CD17 Kenneth Jackson Objection Letter (Objection withdrawn) (PDF, 430KB)

OD03.1 Withdrawal of Objection dated 30 September 2022 (PDF, 322KB)

OD04, Magnitude Land LLP

CD18 Magnitude Land LLP Objection Letter (PDF, 200KB)

OD05, Mr D L Griffiths

CD19 David Griffiths Objection Letter (PDF, 153KB)

OD05.1 Proof of Evidence of Hugh Maxfield (PDF, 8.18 MB)

OD05.3 David Griffiths – Withdrawal 7 November 2022 (PDF, 70KB)

OD06, National Grid Gas PLC

CD20 National Grid Gas Plc Objection Letter (PDF, 70KB)

OD06.1 Email from Hayley Gore dated 18 October 2022 (PDF, 264KB)

OD6.2 Email from Zainab Latif 27 October 2022 - Withdrawal (PDF, 530KB)

OD06.3 National Grid - Objection Withdrawal (PDF, 148KB)

OD07, Canal and River Trust

CD21 Canal & River Trust Objection Letters (PDF, 392KB)

OD07.2 Canal & River Trust Withdrawal 4 November (PDF, 155KB)

OD07.3 Email from Matthew Hart dated 8 November 2022 – Withdrawal of SRO and Bridge Scheme as well as to the CPO (PDF, 286KB)

OD08, Mrs A Townley

OD08.1 Email from Mrs A Townley dated 18 October 2022 (PDF, 117KB)

OD09, Mr J Townley

OD09.1 Email from Mr J Townley dated 18 October 2022 (PDF, 144KB)

Clarifications & Modifications

Rebuttal Proofs of Evidence

Counter objector's documents

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The list of below documents are hard copies provided to DfT by the Inspector:

The list of below documents are hard copies provided to DfT by the Inspector

Modified Documents:

A – Updated Compulsory Purchase Order with plans

B – Updated Side Roads Order with site plan nos. 1 and 5

C – Updated Bridge Scheme with p
 44 Final Cheshire East Council (A533 Middlewich Eastern Bypass) CPO - modified

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