HS2 in Cheshire East

High-Speed Two (HS2) is Government’s proposed new high-speed rail line in the UK. 

HS2 is a scheme that is being designed and delivered by HS2 Ltd, on behalf of Government, and funded by Government. 

Any enquiries about the scheme should be made directly to HS2 via the following contacts:

HS2 is split into three sections:

It is expected that both Phases 1 and 2a will be operational by 2029 to 2033. It is anticipated that Phase 2b will be operational by 2035 to 2040. 

Cheshire East is directly impacted by Phase 2a and Phase 2b, with parts of both sections of the route passing through the borough. 

Details of the latest route and an interactive map are available on HS2’s website.

The council is supportive of the principles of HS2, as it can reinforce Cheshire East as the best place to live and do business in the North West. 

However, this support is dependent on securing key investment for the Crewe Hub Station, to support the right level of connectivity at the station, and appropriate mitigation and compensation being provided against the negative impacts on the borough’s environment, landscape, ecology and highway network.

The investment in a high-speed rail connection (HS2) will consolidate Cheshire East as one of the most connected areas in the UK and will build on the positive work and regeneration plans the council is bringing forward in and around Crewe.

The latest announcements place Crewe central to the plans; the route will pass through various parts of Cheshire East, with a Hub Station at Crewe and Rolling Stock Depot north of Crewe.

Page last reviewed: 23 June 2022