Have your say on measures to encourage more cycling and walking in Crewe

We’re inviting comments on a range of potential measures that could be introduced to make some urban areas of Crewe safer and encourage more cycling and walking.

The council is one of 19 local authorities that has received funding from the Department for Transport’s ‘Mini-Holland’ programme to carry out a feasibility study in an area to the south-west of Crewe town centre.

The area has been identified as it currently experiences high levels of traffic on main roads, has narrow residential streets and suffers from a significant amount of traffic cutting through, which in turn creates road safety issues.

Local communities are being asked to have their say on how conditions could be improved in residential areas to make them safer, more attractive, and more convenient for those walking, cycling, or using public transport.

This can be done by visiting the Commonplace website where you can read more about the Mini-Holland programme and fill in the online form, which closes on 31 January 2023.

Mini-Holland schemes were first introduced in outer London and improve how streets are used and aim to make them as pedestrian and cycle-friendly as their Dutch equivalents.

There are a range of measures that have been put in place in schemes elsewhere in the country, such as creating new and attractive public spaces and redesigning streets, and they have had many benefits – not least reducing people’s dependency on using their car, which in turn reduces pollution, traffic and congestion.

The schemes have also seen streets transformed into places where people can interact and socialise, have supported local regeneration programmes, and have made it safer for residents to make more localised journeys, such as to work or to access healthcare services.

No specific proposals for how a scheme could be introduced in Crewe are being put forward at this stage.

Local residents, business owners and people who travel or work around the area that has been identified are being asked to share what they think the challenges currently are, and the potential measures they think could be put in place through this scheme to resolve them.

Page last reviewed: 29 November 2022