Congleton Link Road

Cheshire East Council is proposing a new 5.5 kilometre (approximately) bypass for Congleton. This is because the town experiences heavy congestion, especially at peak times. The traffic problem has hampered town centre growth, reduced inward investment and also made it difficult to retain existing business.

The scheme

The Congleton link road will join the A534 Sandbach Road (to the west of Congleton) with the A536 Macclesfield Road (to the north of the town). You can see a map of the Congleton link road (PDF, 3.7MB). Planning started in 2012, and the road is due to open in 2020.

The Link road will reduce town centre traffic congestion, cut pollution, and improve air quality, benefiting people’s health and the environment.

The scheme will bring economic and social regeneration to Congleton by supporting new development sites and improving access to jobs at Radnor Park Industrial Estate and Congleton Business Park.

Project updates

Progress February and March 2018

Tenders to construct the Scheme were received on the 23 February 2018.

We have continued to meet with landowners; in some cases, this has included discussions on minor design changes and accommodation works to meet individual needs and whether the Council could obtain land by agreement.

The Secretary of State for Transport has confirmed (with some minor Modifications) the Compulsory Purchase Orders for the Scheme. Notice of this confirmation will now be advertised in the Congleton Chronicle.

Planned work for April to November 2018

A decision will be made at the June 2018 Council Cabinet to select a Preferred Contractor to build the Scheme and to allow the submission of the Final Business Case to the department of Transport.

We expect to receive approval before September 2018 which will enable construction work to commence in November 2018 with completion in late 2020.

It is likely that some advance further Ground Investigation work will also be undertaken by the appointed Contractor over the summer to assist with the detailed design of the scheme – especially the Bridge Foundations

In parallel with the above, we will continue to meet landowners who are affected by the link road with a view to address their particular requirements and to reach agreement for purchasing land by agreement if possible.